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About Made In Forest

Made in Forest is the Unique Global Digital Media promoting the SMEs for citizens worldwide for more than 160 countries.

The Made in Forest Global Network has an Important impact on the Sustainable Development, based on the three pillars: 
Economic (SMEs), Social and Environmental.

Our Mission:

Improves access to new markets and internationalization – we deliver website available in more than 50 languages

Promotes entrepreneurship on the social medias,
supporting education for entrepreneurship and providing marketing support tools for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for start-ups entrepreneurs.

Supports SMEs' Competitiveness and Innovation

Provides key support and Networks for new Sales opportunities for the Small and Medium companies – SMEs

As a Small company, Made in Forest generates revenue selling Digital Services and Marketing. Please contact us for more information:

E-mails: or
Phones: + 352 661323777 Europe and +55 11 3446 3000 Americas

The site of the advertising area is simple and carefully crafted, so that the focus on the content, educational and publishing projects are always privileged.